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Chats with Fascinating People in Tech. 🔥SaugaTalks is featured in “70 Podcasts from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders You Should Listen To in 2022” and “50 Podcasts Thought Leaders Should Listen To In 2021” by Thinkers360's. 🤩 At SaugaTalks, Irene discusses a wide range of technology trends with futurists, experts, influencers, and entrepreneurs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, Blockchain, Metaverse, Digital Transformation, Martech, HRTech, and the Future of Work. 🟣 Irene was recently featured in Thinkers 360's "Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Digital Disruption 2022", "Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Smart Cities", "the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Startups", "Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on RPA." ✅ Follow #SaugaTalks on LinkedIn and Twitter, and Subscribe, Like, and Comment on YouTube for the latest trends in AI, Intelligent Automation, Metaverse, Robotics, Digital Transformation, Future of Work, Cyber Security, Tech Entrepreneurship & More. 🔵 Reach out for business and technology content creation, including interviews, podcasts, video conversations, panel moderation with experts or executives, and sponsoring of SaugaTalks episodes.
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