Demystifying AI for the Enterprise

May 23, 2022 Irene
Demystifying AI for the Enterprise
Show Notes

The full episode of SaugaTalks with Prashant Natarajan, Product-Led Growth at, Best-Selling Author of the “Demystifying…” Series, Co-Faculty, Stanford Medicine 


00:00 AI Human Decisions Making and Machine Decision Making, Separating Hype from Reality
04:33 AI Strategy is about IMPACT - Imagination, Maturity, People, Collaboration, Transformation
08:58 Augmented, Assistive AI, The benefits of AI is not just Operational, the Human Impact Created, Metaverse
17:06 AI Will Create More Jobs, Fulfilling jobs, Happier Employees, and Happier Customers Than Ever Before
 20:54 Separating Hype from Reality, Deepest Learning of Deep Learning, Pitfalls, GPT3
25:53 AI Best Practices- Rapid Experimentation, Scaling Models, Metaverse Experiences

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